Memperbaiki Speaker Rusak

Today I am going to show you how to repair a dent on a speaker's dust cap. When it comes to speakers without grills, people usually punch or push a small dent on a speaker's dust cap. The dent doesn't actually affect the speaker's performance but rather it becomes eyesore, dents make speakers look ugly. I found a fast and easy way to restore the original shape of a speaker's dust cap.

What Is A Dust Cap?

A dust cap is the semicircular dome found in a speaker's cone. From its name, the dustcap prevents the speaker's coil form collecting and storing dust from the outside.

Here's A Video:


Step 1Tools And Materials

For this project you will only need 3 tools to fix the dent dusted cap. The tools can be found in every household. The three of them are very common and can be found everywhere.

Tools An Materials:
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- Black Marker
- Long Nose Pliers
- 2 Thin Needles

Step 2Making A Hooked Needle

Get your pliers and slowly bend the needle at a 45 degree angle. Be sure to bend it slowly or else the needle might break, needles break easily.

Step 3Puncture The Dust Cap


Step 4Using A Marker To Hide The Tiny Holes

Use a marker that matches the color of your dust cap. Shade it until you are done.

Step 5You're Done!

Your done! You're speaker should look like the picture below.
Puncture the dust cap with the needle you just bent, then pull it in a slanting position. The hooked end should grip on the dust cap. Repeat the procedure until it goes back into its original shape.


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